So I’m a Whore?

Let’s take a look at a couple of scenarios:

(1) A boy, 14-15 years old, becomes sexually active. Most people will not be outraged, instead they will chalk it up to “puberty” and the natural ways of life. A young girl, same age range, becomes sexually active. It’s no longer puberty. Instead, there’s something wrong with this girl. It must be her environment, group of friends, how she was raised, or the media influencing this behavior. (2)A young, middle-aged man likes to have sex with a variety of womyn. To his male friends, he’s “the man.” To womyn, he’s just “being a man.” A young, middle-aged womyn likes to have sex with a variety of men. To men and womyn: She doesn’t value her body, she’s not worthy of respect, she’s a WHORE.

Since before Christ (yes, I believe it has been a problem that long), the double standard of sexuality has been an issue. Womyn are continuously taught to suppress their sexual needs, to suppress themselves. Human beings are naturally sexual beings, yet womyn are taught to suppress something so natural. This “double standard” applies to many aspects of a womyn’s sexuality. We shouldn’t have sex before marriage. We shouldn’t sleep with a multiple amount of men. We shouldn’t broadcast our sexual needs or be open with talking about them. But men are allowed all of the above with no objections from society.

I can’t say that this double standard is supported by only men. Womyn have a strong influence on it also. We are quick (and I’ve been guilty of it too) to judge a womyn based on her sexual history. A womyn in a sex tape, such as Kim Kardashian, is perceived as slutty because she allowed the taping. But what about Ray-J? Why is he not degraded for being a part of it, for filming it?

About two weeks ago on Twitter, I was inspired to write this post. A young girl (whose name I will not disclose to prevent more views of the video), about the age of 14, was filmed by a classmate performing oral sex on another classmate. The video quickly went viral and sparked a frenzy of vile and obscene comments. Most of my followers were bashing the young girl. Basically, her “morals” were in question. But no one took the time out to think about the two young men involved. There was a boy filming it and another boy involved in the sexual act. What about their morals? They’re just as “guilty.”

I am not an advocate of people this young engaging in sexual intercourse but the truth is, it’s happening. We can’t bash one sex. We shouldn’t be bashing anyone! We can only plan to educate young people.

The double standard seems to be so imprinted in our brains. I find myself encouraging it and having to step back and rethink. Men enjoy sex, womyn enjoy sex. Let’s get over that.