Penn State- The Forgotten

I was inspired by a friend, whose blog you can visit ( , to write about the recent scandal at Penn State. (Check out her post, it has deeper insight!)

Yesterday, during my Principles of Marketing class, we were discussing the Penn State scandal, and Penn State as a brand, just as everyone else has. My professor asked the following questions: How will Penn State bounce back from this scandal? What can they do to repair their image? With these questions came responses such as they can sponsor a charity or organization that helps sexually abused children, they can try to reach out to the victims to offer support, etc. But these ideas were empty. Ideas that will create a facade just to help Penn State recover its image. An idea that doesn’t really care for the victims of the sexual abuse. This is the world we live in.

As stated on my friend’s blog, most news channels are only speaking on Penn State’s image. They’re not discussing the victims or offering advice to people who might be in similar situations. What if you are a child that is currently being abused sexually or has been raped? What if you are a colleague who has witnessed your coworkers sexually abusing children? How would this situation speak to you?

It seems America has become numb to the effects of rape and sexual abuse. Victims are continuously overlooked, especially when it becomes a front page story. The importance is focused on the brand or the image. Penn State will recover, sooner or later. But what about the victims? How have they recovered, or have they even recovered? I wish we could focus on that.

This blog post isn’t centered on womyn but it is a deep problem in our society that I think is significant enough to mention. We have become immune to the severity of rape and sexual abuse. The effects can only cut deeper as they already have.